How do I become a Distributor?

Q:  How do I become a Distributor?

A:  Below is a summary of our Dealer Distributor program.  This program is a great opportunity for dealers that want to make big profit on Olympic Arms' product lines.

For a number of reasons, Olympic Arms has developed a program allowing actual dealers to become distributors on a local level. As a Dealer Distributor (DD), you will be buying at the same level as nationwide distributors like RSR and Lew Horton. Buying at true distributor pricing levels allows the local Dealer Distributors (DD) to set up a regional network of other dealers in their area as customers of theirs. Here is how it works:

Are you eligible?
If you have an FFL, you are eligible. But before you can buy into the program, you must first ascertain whether or not there is already a Dealer Distributor in your area. Because DD's have a protected territory, we must make sure we have room for you in the program based on location and demographics. To find out if there is already a DD in your zone please call our Customer Service Team. If there is no participating DD in your area, or if we feel that your area could support an additional DD, you are welcome to come on board.

Buy In
To become a DD, as you can imagine, we do require a "buy-in". We do this to weed out those dealers that may not be financially stable, and to ensure that those dealers that do get involved in the DD program are confident enough in themselves and their staff to make this program a success for both themselves and for Olympic Arms.

The buy-in is 20 units. In order to get into the DD program, you have to make an initial purchase of 20 guns. You as a dealer are not limited to just our AR15 rifles, but can also include any of our 1911 pistols or even Law Enforcement only (non-class III) products. (LE Only purchases do require the filing of some additional paperwork.) This initial firearms purchase can be mixed and matched to suit your particular needs, and may include any complete firearms offered in our catalog. Our only requirement and restrictions are as follows:

The initial order for 20 pieces MUST include at least 2 of the 1911 series pistols from Olympic Arms line, and cannot include more than 8 Plinker* models.

As a DD, you will be purchasing at true distributor pricing, a full 12% off of the actual advertised dealer pricing. Not, 5% or 7%, but a full 12%! This means that you can sell to other dealers in your area, make up to 10% profit on these guns and still be able to sell to that dealer for 2% or LESS than what they can buy the product for directly from Olympic Arms. 10% profit, just for doing a transfer to another dealer!

This is an outstanding deal that will allow you to create a local network of dealer customers to help boost your sales. The incentive is there for you to make a great deal of money, and the profit margin is potential very large on the retail end.

Here is some of the reasoning behind the program; as local dealers, you folks know the territory best. You know your market, your customer base, and if you're on the ball, you know your competitors as well as yourself!  George Patton said, "Stay close to your friends and even closer to your enemies". What better way to do so than to make them your customers! The DD program is the way to do just that.

Other than the initial buy in, the DD program only has one other requirement; that you maintain an average volume of sales totaling 8 units per month. That's all, just 8 guns per month. You can do this in any manner you like. Wholesale, retail, gun shows, it matters not to us, as long as you maintain that 8 gun per month average.

Notice that we said average. We know that there will be some slow months here and there. We can be a bit flexible, but it must average 8 guns per months for the year. If you miss the goal of 8 units per month every once in a while, and only move 6 or 7 units, that's OK. It's when you miss the requirement 3 or 4 months in a row, or your yearly total is way under the agreed 96 units a year that we may look into your status. If this should happen, we may re-evaluate your status, and see if there is anything we can do to help.

In a nutshell, here is what the Dealer Distributor Program requires of you:

  • Initial buy in of 20 units.
  • The signing of the Olympic Arms Dealer Distributor Pricing Advertisement Agreement
  • Maintain an 8 gun per month sale volume.

That's it! It truly is that simple.  But take this into consideration as well:

  • A 12% discount is not all you get, there is plenty more!
  • GUARANTEED no territorial infringement. You will be the only Dealer in your area to get these prices.
  • LOWEST Prices Guaranteed.
  • FREE Co-op Advertising (in select publications).
  • Priority listing on our web site Find Dealers module.
  • Retail and Dealer referrals from our sales staff!
  • Preferential Shipping - If we are back ordered on a certain product, we will ship to our DD's before we ship to a standard dealer or retail customer.

This program works. DD's already on line with us are already reaping the benefits of referrals from Olympic Arms! Many of our DD's receive referrals from our web site every day. Many other DD's have already increased their territories!

Just to boost your security, this is not a contractual obligation. Your word is all that it takes to seal the deal. We do not send automatic shipments. Signing up for this program does not mean that we ship you 2 guns a week every week whether you want them or not. We only ship what you order, when you order it. But you still must meet the 8 guns per month minimum requirement.

I hope this is enough information to give you a pretty good idea of how the program works, and the benefits that it can bring you. If you are a dealer and are considering becoming a Dealer Distributor, please feel free to give me a call personally and I'll be happy to spend all the time together we need to satisfy any questions you may have.


Thomas A. Spithaler
Sales Director
Olympic Arms, Inc.

*The Plinker model is the only complete gun offered by Olympic Arms that does not come with the full 12% discount. The Plinker does have reduced price for DD's and Wholesalers only. Call for details.