Site Policy

Olympic Arms, Inc. Site Policy
Version 1.0, Last Modified Sept. 28, 2006

This policy describes Olympic Arms, Inc ("OAI") practices regarding business not limited to this web site.

Content Usage

All content is copyright 1998-2014 OAI with all rights reserved. Unauthorized copy or use of any of the content on this web site violates copyright laws. Content of this web site includes, but is not limited to, graphics, images, photos, logos, sounds, music, movies, videos, all files and programming code that are not subject to their own copyrights or trademarks.

Name Affiliation

OAI is not affiliated with the IOC/USOC or any other Olympic sports organization.

Federal Regulations

Federal Regulations require that certain products be purchased through a Federal Firearms Licensed ("FFL") business, and cannot be ordered directly from OAI by the general public. To purchase restricted products, you will need to visit your local FFL. From there they can place the order for you. If you do not have an FFL in your area, or have any questions regarding the purchase of a lower receiver, complete firearm or serial numbered part, please call us toll free at (800) 228 - 3471 and we will help you find a participating dealer in your area to handle your purchase.

Products that require an FFL are not available for ordering online by the retail public. This rule in some cases may apply the same even if you are an FFL.

Washington State residents may purchase products directly from the OAI retail outlet at our facilities in Olympia, WA. Store hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Washington State sales tax will apply, valid Washington State photo ID, and BATF form 4473 with approved NICS check required. Law Enforcement and Military discounts available with valid identification credentials. Store hours subject to change and are not applicable on Federal holidays.